Music Muse: Songs that Inspire Words

“I believe in music, the way some people believe in fairy tales.” – August Rush

I’ve written about the importance of music in inspiring my writing, but I think that it’s vital enough to warrant another rant. Music is amazing! It tells a story with only the ears, and sometimes even without a word being spoken. It can make us laugh or cry, invigorate us into doing housework, or mellow us out enough to fall asleep. To a writer, it’s an invaluable muse that can aid you in character development, plot pacing, or even just staying focused.

Trust me when I say that I listen to music every time I write my blog. Today it’s Band of Horses.

A sign of me in the writing zone is music playing, drowning the clacking of the keyboard. Usually I play music with no lyrics, or lyrics so mellow or familiar that I can tune them out. I listen to music a lot – usually my favorites, but sometimes I’ll try out a new band that a friend has found. Sometimes I just daydream the album away, barely picking up that music is even playing. But there are times when a song comes on, and zing! “This is so sad!” The music makes me picture some small, lonely child by a river, watching the leave float by. Suddenly, I have the poor kid’s life story and I want to write it NOW. Of course, I’m in the car, and writing while driving is not recommended. Or I’ll hear a song and think “what a cool action scene!” and start making weird gesture with my fingers, trying to figure out the pacing in time with the music. If it’s a scene/character I’m really into, I’ll listen to the song over and over until the people around me start thinking I’m Autistic.

I’m not…well, probably not. I just want to keep that image and emotion fresh in my mind. I want to capture it in ink. When I finish a book, I sometimes feel obliged to mention the music artists that helped me get to the end. Some of them have a long list of thank yous, from alternative rock, to classical, to anime soundtracks. It’s good to be eclectic. Right? Right?

What are some bands, or genres that really get your mind thinking creatively?

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