Take it With a Grain of Salt: Writer vs Editor

“This sentence is three lines long.” – Shoot. I’ll shorten it then.

“You have your character holding a gun and his girlfriend’s bag with the same hand. Why?” – Er…he’s multitasking?

“This dialogue is going nowhere.” – I thought it was funny.

“If it doesn’t progress the plot or develop the character, you should cut it out.” – Okaaaay.

“You didn’t describe the setting here. I have no idea of the space around the characters.” – Oh, people want to know that?

“This sentence is still too long. In fact, I think it’s longer.” – Dang, I thought it’d fixed that. But then I thought of ten other things that needed to be explained…

“Why does your character say that? It makes no sense.” – It was hilarious when I wrote it at one in the morning!

“This whole scene feels repetitive. You should cut it.” – I’d just as soon slit my wrists.

“We’re back to really long sentences again.” – It’s all crucial information…can I use a semicolon?

“….Where was this scene going?” – ….Did I write that?

“Why do you have so many characters? Maybe you could get rid of a few.” – We’re back to me slitting my wrists.

I’ve been told that editors are necessary. Sometimes I think so too.

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  1. Laurie
    Oct 04, 2011 @ 18:21:24

    I love those comments! As in the “writer’s” comments. All I can think of is a 2 am writing session at Barto: “Commendable!”


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