Family Fun & Action Scenes: When I’m Not Writing

Since the middle of June, I have made every effort to write every day in order to reach my summer goal. And yet, despite the bulkiness of of my manuscript, it seems as though the End Is Not Even Close To Nigh. I blame this partially on my loose outline (well, this will happen, and then this, whenever that is done), but I also point some fingers at my characters: this lot really like to talk, and they don’t take it kindly when I try to trim down their dialogue. But, with my half-dozen Chatty Cathys in tow, I have clattered forward for several frenzied weeks now.

(This is Chatty Cathy, BTW. Mattel’s famous talking doll.)

Until this week. This week extended family is coming to stay and see the sights, chit-chat, eat and do family stuff. So as I sit here and wait for the happy hoard to descend, I sigh as I think of the lack of words-on-paper that will occur. But this lack of writing doesn’t mean I’m not going to work hard this week!

This week will be dedicated to the up-coming action scene that lies in store for said Chatty Cathys. I have admitted in the past that action sequences are not my forte; I can see them in my mind, but they never translate so well onto paper. This week I will be attempting to do a play-by-play in my mind, and then (hopefully) onto paper, of what I want to happen. Since this scene is (hopefully) one that will be leading into the climax, I have to toss in some of the info that still needs to be added, so that when the villain steps forward, the readers will (hopefully) think “Aha! I get it!” instead of “What in the world is going on?”

So while I sit here waiting for family, I’m listening to the soundtrack to Pandora Hearts to get me into an action frame of mind. Fights, explosions and tense moments, here I (mentally) come! The beach, Mount Rainier, and Seattle, here I (physically) come! And their powers combined equal…?

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