People Are Nice: Summer Moments & Plot Work

There are some really great people out there. Some of them have even read my book! This week, one of my fans made a youtube video for my book with the theme song that I had always envisioned for it (it’s from the soundtrack to the anime Last Exile, called Grand Stream). Please check out his handiwork!

In other news, while I did manage to work on my book this week, it was not quite quota-worthy…but here’s my excuse:

1. The weather finally turned nice. I did yard work. Seriously.

2. I went to see Harry Potter 7, and then had the urge to re-read the entire series.

3. In the midst of this, I promised my brother I’d read A Series of Unfortunate Events. So now I’m reading two series at the same time.

4. It was my godson’s first birthday. Granted, this only took up one day out of the week, but…yeah.

5. I had to develop the next stage in the plot. Okay, so this one I’m counting as working on my book, although I didn’t write much down. Earlier I mentioned how I was stuck on a section of the plot, and this upcoming section is the result of all that brain work. Up to this point, it was only a “and then this will happen” little blurb in my notebook, but now it has to grow up and show me what it’s going to do once “this happens.” Sometimes all I need is the basic idea, and I can flesh it out once I start writing (“Oh, I can do this! And then this can happen! And then this person can say that!…etc.”). But there are certain stages in my story writing process where free-writing only gives me a headache, usually upon looking back and realizing that so-and-so can’t do that now, because the bad guy will know his secret trick, or if that happened, then the bad guy wouldn’t lead up to the final arc, screwing up the ending. Also, one has to make sure that all the foreshadowing is properly foreshadowed, because there’s only so much plot left before I finish this sucker.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Andy Straub-Walden
    Aug 02, 2011 @ 22:05:45

    I had the urge to re-read the HP series after the movie too


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