Where Were We?: Back to the Routine

Why is it when good things happen, they tend to happen all at once so you almost can’t enjoy them to their fullest? For me, the past week was a blur of good things that stacked up on top of each other, leaving me with a mass of good memories and a giant sleep deficit. Of those good things, one was Haley Whitehall’s website launch party, and the start of my friend’s new online writing adventure. I sincerely congratulate her, and I look forward to having a shelf packed with her novels one day! Of course, this launch party had to happen in the midst of the busiest week of my entire summer. Not only was I camping in a land of spotty phone reception (yes, those areas still exist), but when I did return home, I barely had time to say cyber-hi before I was repacking for my women’s retreat, where I was a speaker. Fun times, great memories, almost no writing done in that entire week.

I did try. I have several pages of handwritten manuscript that I did while basking in the perfect weather in Sun Lakes State Park (that’s in Eastern Washington, by the way). But I confess that I compose better on a keyboard, where my fingers have a better chance of keeping up with my thought process, than with a pen and paper. I find that while I’m envisioning a scene, my hand is actually three sentences behind, and in my haste to get my hand up to speed with where my train of thought is, I leave a trail of ugly, badly spelt, over abbreviated scribbles in my wake. Not to mention the wrist and elbow cramps that bring out the dark memories of the blue-book history and english exams of my college days. Uggghhhh.

This week is a fresh start. I will sleep, drink more iced tea, and take another valiant stab at meeting my summer writing goal! Go me!

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