What Happened to Lazy Summer Days?: Real Life Glitches

What happened to the feeling that summer went on forever? Where are the days that I filled up time doodling in a notebook on the porch swing? What became of the time I could spend making character profiles with my clip-art program on CD-Rom? Do you really lose that sense of endless laziness when you become an adult? Why are all these things cropping up, taking me away from my lovely idleness? Summer social obligations? Writing talks for a function? Giving talks for said function? Sudden spurts of the-house-must-be-clean-because-people-are-coming? Babysitting? Carpooling/taxiing? Grocery shopping?!

Waaaaaaah! I don’t wanna! Gimme back my SUMMER!!!!

Please pardon the above rant. The author of this blog had a sudden Peter Pan moment. Tinkerbell is currently MIA.

Ahem, please forgive me. Two weeks into summer vacation (I work at a school), and I already feel like summer is half over. It’s half planned-out at least. Anyway…I stated two weeks ago that this summer I had issued a challenge to myself: finish my current manuscript or face dire consequences! I am proud to say that thus far I have been working towards that goal very well and I may actually make it! (yes, yes, it’s only the beginning…) I have successfully finished two chapters in the first week, and two more in the second! Go me!

It’s possible that the reason I’m doing so well is because I mentally mapped this part of the story out very early on. It contains one of the fundamental “scenes” that I envisioned when I first thought this story up, so I was excited to finally write it out. Often, when I’m first thinking of a story, I see parts of it like a movie clip in my mind, and its from these scene clips that I work outwards to form the story. It’s always fun to reach those scenes and write them out, although when it comes to action scenes, I feel like I could use some improvement. I see the movements in my head, but it can be difficult to translate it out on paper without it slowing the scene down, or worse, become bogged with “purple prose.” This is an area that I admit I struggle in, but it’s still fun. (At least I entertain myself, right? Heh heh….heh…sigh…)

Another writing issue I have to face is my overabundance of characters. I think the reason my story plots get so convoluted and dragged out is because I insist on having so many people in them. I’ve admitted that I love characters, I love creating them, picturing them in my mind, doodling their names on paper, giving them backgrounds and futures…until suddenly I have a dozen potential spin-off stories I could write. Not to mention too many people in the one I’m currently trying to write. This problem can only be rectified by killing the characters that are not ABSOLUTELY necessary (noooooo!) or writing them out during the editing phase (what a paaaaiiiiin!)

I’ll continue to work on those weaknesses, and we’ll see if I can make the same amazing progress in Week Three of my self-imposed summer vacation challenge!

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  1. nkeda14
    Jul 05, 2011 @ 17:44:34

    “when I’m first thinking of a story, I see parts of it like a movie clip in my mind, and its from these scene clips that I work outwards to form the story.”

    Ha! That is exactly how I am! I never thought to put it that way, but thats what happens to me, I just ‘walk in’ on a scene in my mind and find a bunch of ‘snippets or clips’ and i eventually string them together.

    Good luck writing and meeting your goals!


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