A Little Slow on the Uptake: Writing in these Modern Times

When I was young, whenever I thought of writers it was always an image of someone crouched over a typewriter in some dimly lit room, pouring their heart and ideals into their typing fingers. Now, I can debunk my own childhood theories and conceptions without even having to consult anyone. But I was still a little disappointed in myself when I discovered that I wrote a lot faster and was a lot more motivated when I was typing on a computer instead of writing in some well-worn journal. It got a little better when I received my first laptop, and could at least give myself the image of writing worlds while on the beach, or in the woods somewhere. I will never been a Jane Austen, writing my novels longhand. After all, my handwriting never graduated from 4th grade.

I also had this conception of being published as being a long process where you mailed your manuscript to big firms back east and waited for the rejection slips. Well, I had the long process part right. But like me, the world of publishing has also gotten past the days of mail-in entries and mail-out rejections. These days it’s all email-attachments and automated notices. It’s certainly faster, and it does save on trees, but…I guess I feel a little disconnected from that end. Yet by far the most challenging change for me to face is the self-marketing.

The world of publishing is changing. I was told that the arrival of the e-reader marks the beginning of the ending for hardbacks and paperbacks;  they will someday be something you buy as a novelty, or (heaven help us) an antique. Part of that change is the way books are marketed. A lot of marketing takes place online; blogs, twitter, facebook etc. These are all great (I’m a homebody anyway), but they are time consuming. For me, who must still keep a day job, budgeting time becomes a serious event. How can I balance my marketing endeavors with my actual novel writing time? If anyone has an answer to that, please let me know!

So here I sit in the first bloom of summer weather, pondering the state of the Writing World, and hoping that my efforts reach at least a few. This is what I love, even if it’s not how I always envisioned it.

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  1. Laurie
    May 24, 2011 @ 19:56:58

    For those of us who read the blog, and those of us who have read your
    book(s) – in all forms 🙂 – you have reached us, given us something to think and ponder. Never fear, my friend, you have given people something to think about.

    Now, about budgeting time, you’re guess is as good as mine, and mostly likely better!


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