Fortune Cookie Anyone?

I love getting fortune cookies. Not only is it a nice, simple dessert after a fighting round with Chinese food, but it has the surprise value of those childhood boxes of cereal with the special prize inside. Anyone remember those? The best part of a fortune cookie is, of course, the fortune.

“People are drawn to your charismatic personality.”

“You love peace.”

“A shocking truth will be revealed by someone close to you.”

“You will soon meet a dark stranger.”

“Ask your mom.” – (this is my personal favorite. How vague can you get?)

I wonder who writes those mass-produced fortunes? Is there a team that sits down and discusses what kind of future they should hint at in their cookies for the populace of the American northwest? I wonder if there have ever been fortunes that were rejected?

“No, I don’t think ‘you will soon lose all your stock in the market crash’ is an acceptable fortune.”

“‘Your new romance may lead to homicide?’ That’s out too.”

“‘Watch your back, someone is tailing you.’…Hmm, that has potential, but no.”

“‘You will fail at all you attempt.’ Er, that’s a little too negative.”

Have you ever had a fortune that came true? The odds are good that everyone who receives fortune cookies more than once a year will get one that applies to their current situation in some way. Of course, the bizarre ones are the best. I’ve kept some of my favorite fortunes from childhood in a box in my room, and I’ve often thought that it would be fun to use fortune cookies in a story. Have you ever had a really interesting fortune?

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  1. nkeda14
    May 14, 2011 @ 23:00:20

    haha I love fortune cookies too! I was just thinking about who sits around and makes them up… wish Ihad that job. My favorite one I’ve ever read:

    “Your heart is a tree, let a bird fly in”

    What do you think that means? haha

    Nice post


  2. nkeda14
    May 16, 2011 @ 19:13:00

    Yes! Hmmm… you have me thinking now LOL!


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