The Truth Revealed

If you haven’t taken the poll on my post “An Award”, now’s your chance before you see all the answers!

I love quizzes and riddles…as long as there are answers given at some point. Last week I was given the Memetastic Award by the Author of Woven Strands, and as part of the award, I was to give four lis and a truth. Now, to respect those of you out there who are like me and hate unanswered questions, eternal cliffhangers, or want to know if they were right, here are the answers!

If you haven’t taken the poll, now’s your chance before you see all the answers!

1. Including college magazines, Universe of the Soul is my third publication. (20%)


I have actually been published 4 times. I was chosen twice for the Arcturus, the literary magazine at Highline Community College, for the short stories I submitted. I was also published once in the Manashtash, the literary magazine for Central Washington University; I submitted a poem there. The crowning 4 achievement was of course, Universe of the Soul. (I apologize for the bragging…)

2. Before Writing Universe of the Soul, I had no particular interest in science fiction. (40%)


Confetti to those to guessed right! I always thought I’d be writing in a historical/fantasy fiction genre, but I’m currently enjoying the far reaches of space.

3. I love to watch CSI and Bones, I own every season of Bones available. (0%)


Didn’t fool anyone with this one. I do love Bones, but it’s my brother who has all the available seasons. (no point buying them myself when I can just borrow, right?)

4. I own more manga than American novels. (40%)

I think it’s a lie.

I haven’t actually counted. It’s probably a lie…

5. Although I have a degree in History, I’m specialized in dealing with children on the autism spectrum and have two certificates to that effect. (0%)


This is actually my job. Although I don’t have two certificates, I do have one that is required to work in my Functional Core Program class. I don’t just work with autistic kids, of course. I also work with a multitude of other disabilities, such as Downs, Cerebral Palsy, and MD.

For those of you who got it right, pat yourself on the back! For those of you who didn’t, well, you were close. And for those of you who never even bothered, here are 5 facts about me!

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