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Hello and Welcome!

It amazes me how fast technology evolves the world around us. Someone asked me once if I would ever start a blog about writing, and my response was a quick “not in a million years!”….my, how times flies! That million years felt more like three months! In that time, I was told the myriad of merits for blogging writers, so here I am, truly happy to share my thoughts and opinions on writing with others.

A little about me and the intended direction of this blog: I am a writer who loves nearly all genres of writing. I’ve published a book recently (confetti! confetti!) called Universe of the Soul: Adri Adept. It is a science fiction novel, and I recommend it to everyone who has a fairly good grasp on the English language. If you don’t really care for science fiction as a genre, I suggest you read it anyway (you may be pleasantly surprised). Science fiction is not my only area of interest, however. I also love historical fiction, historical romance, paranormal, fantasy, children’s fiction, picture books, poetry, and non-fiction. I will occasionally read thrillers, but since these tend to leave me awake at night with a flashlight in my hand and my heart pounding, I read them sparingly. The only thing I can honestly say I can’t stand to read are those books that people deceivingly give you saying, “read it, it’s really good,” but you can tell from the tones on the cover and the back blurb that the main character or their love interest is going to die, the war they’re fighting will destroy what they hold dear, or their trauma is so intense that you’ll close the book and feel as though a close relative has died. If it doesn’t have a happy (or at least bittersweet/satisfactory) ending, I don’t want to read it.

That said, this blog will mostly be my ramblings and carryings-on about my writing, writing style, and anything that I deem relevant to my writing or the writing process in general. Hopefully I will have moments of true insight that you may enjoy, or at least be entertaining enough that you will come back and visit my site again.

Once again, thank you for reading thus far, and may you come again!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. HaleyWhitehall
    Feb 10, 2011 @ 18:14:34

    Jennifer I love the look of your blog! I will have to look into changing my blog so it isn’t on a boring white background. How did you get the custom header with the cover of your book?


    • Jennifer Mandelas
      Feb 10, 2011 @ 23:28:33

      I had a photo of the cover of my book and uploaded it on the “header” appearance page. I then just picked the best looking slice of the picture. The background theme I’m using is Koi, and I changed the background color on the “background” appearance page. I actually think your blog looks really nice, and gives off the feeling like you’re serious about your topic.


  2. wovenstrands
    Feb 10, 2011 @ 22:33:36

    I’m glad you decided to start this blog. Reading your post, I noticed you like a lot of historical genre’s. I have an idea for a story that I’m starting to write, in my head it’s set in the late 1800’s, and I have very little knowledge about that era.
    I’m freaking out because I tried changing the setting to modern day, but in my heart my story doesn’t belong in this time period. I don’t know if you’ve ever gone through something similar, but how can research this era? Is there any young adult books you recommend I read, that will help me explore that time period. Thank you ❤


    • Jennifer Mandelas
      Feb 10, 2011 @ 23:42:17

      If you feel like it has to be set in a certain time, don’t fight it! I’m not deeply familiar with the late 1800’s (I seem to gravitate more towards the 1820’s regency era). There’s a great book called What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew that deals with the 19th century in England that may be helpful. It’s very easy to read and is packed with all those useful bits of information (dinner settings, social standing charts, etc.) If you’re not writing about England, I would still suggest flipping through it, since the British culture also trickled through western Europe and the U.S. at that time, and a lot of those customs were widespread. Another way is to search the area you’re writing about as “1800’s Wherever” and see what Google can find for you. That period of time is often called the Victorian era (due to the reign of Queen Victoria of England), so that’s another good search word. I hope that helps!


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